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Mission work is a common calling for all Christians to spread the Gospel to the whole world, give witness to the loving God through their own life and to keep the Church open for everybody.

The Orthodox Mission of Finland is the official international mission agency for the Orthodox Church of Finland. The agency aims to help to fulfill the commission of mission given by Jesus Christ. Among the Orthodox in Finland the agency raises the awareness of mission and Orthodoxy in Africa and Asia.

The main goal of the Orthodox Mission of Finland is to support and develop Eucharistic communities. Over the last 30 years the agency has supported the Orthodox Archbishopric of Kenya which belongs to the Patriarchate of Alexandria. During the last year the Orthodox Mission of Finland began cooperation with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center from America and the Metropolitanate of Mwanza in Northwest Tanzania.

The Orthodox Mission of Finland is actively involved in ecumenical collaboration and discussion. In Finland the agency participates in the activities of the Finnish Ecumenical Council and the Finnish Mission Council. Internationally it attends discussions of the Conference of European Churches and the World Council of Churches.

The Orthodox Mission of Finland is led by Archbishop Leo of Karelia and All Finland, together with a board of six members. The activities of the agency are executed by the Mission secretary.

The work of the Orthodox Mission is funded by grants from the Orthodox Church of Finland and parishes and donations from individuals and mission groups. Administrative costs are covered by grants, but donations and collections for specific needs are used for activities.